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Our mission

UP’s mission is to tackle head on the lack of information around healthy relationships and preventing domestic abuse.

Early days

UP grew out of WHAG, a charity that began life as Women’s Housing Action Group in 1981. At the time, there was no housing for homeless and vulnerable women in Rochdale. Rose Sumner, WHAG’s founder, set up a women’s hostel on the Cloverhall estate. In 1996, WHAG moved to Rose Court in Castleton, and now offers 16 self-contained flats for vulnerable homeless women, and support workers to help them find and keep tenancies when they leave the project.

WHAG expanded its work to include domestic abuse services, including refuges in Rochdale and Cheshire West and Chester, a floating support service in Bury and a project for people with complex needs in Blacon. For further details, visit WHAG’s website.

However, WHAG thinks that prevention is better than cure. One in four women and one in six men will be victims of domestic abuse. In every reception class, at least one child will have been living with domestic abuse since they were born.

These figures are not acceptable

By providing training and awareness raising, we want people to know what a healthy relationship should look like and be able to recognise the signs of abuse. We want to be able to equip employers to recognise when their staff might be victims of abuse, and know what action to take. We want health professionals to be able to recognise signs of abuse and know what to do. And we want teachers to be able to support their students who may be experiencing domestic abuse in their homes, and teach them about things like what healthy relationships look like, recognising danger signs and the importance of consent.

And so the idea for UP was born

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